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A Bonded Warehouse is a privately-managed location where it is possible to introduce non-Community goods while keeping them in the foreign country. Payment of all customs duties is therefore suspended!

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The main advantage of a Bonded Warehouse is the postponement of the collection of customs duties to the moment in which goods are sold.


In the case of goods sold to non-EU destinations, not only VAT is not taken into account, but the costs associated with duties and extra-taxes are avoided in full.


In the case of sale within the European Community, it is possible to transfer an item introduced into a Bonded Warehouse in Italy to another European party, leaving to the latter the responsibility for the payment of customs duties, avoiding that the seller would have to pay any.


To financial advantages business ones are added: competitiveness is increased with the availability of goods ready for delivery.


Customs Declaration for the classification of goods to be introduced into the Bonded Warehouse

Introduction of goods in the warehouse and recording in the “customs register”

Any handling, removal, transfer and finalization of the goods is carried out in accordance with the regulation

Extraction of the goods with release for free circulation or re-export of the goods


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